Leadership Training

Leadership Training

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Lavie Development is happy and proud to announce the availability of its newest service, Leadership Training.  Please take a look below and review the host of services we provide in this particular area.  Please give us a call at 516 223-3855 so that we can discuss the many ways we can provide top-notch quality service in the area of Leadership Training:


Workshops, Seminars, Lunch & Learns, Focus Groups and Mastermind Study Groups venues in the following areas based on principles of Management Leadership and Training, Coaching.

1 – Encourage Professional Development – Establishment of a baseline is critical to determine where the participant is and what can be done to accelerate their growth and development.  Completion of a survey “Twenty invaluable qualities of a leader.” The participation completion of and study/course of 4 Basic Principled target focused courses.  (1) “Understanding your Professional Leadership Development Cap

(2)  “How Your Professional Leadership Cap Can Be Raised”  

(3) “Serving Others”

(4 )“Building  A Foundation”


2 – Create a development plan The necessary tools to navigate the project with the right participants to accomplish the established goal. 5 Basic Principled target focused courses

(1)  “Course Plotting”  

(2)  “Intentional Course”

(3)  “The in Crowd” 

(4)  “First Things First”

(5)  “Growing by Leaps and Bounds”


3-Pair employees with mentors- Using the evaluative system of Identifying personality markers that indicate a pre-disposition for a particular industry, career, field of study etc.

(1)The Evaluative Personality Questionnaire

(2) “Course Plotting – Learning from the best”

(3) “Intentional Course”


4-Help them build their networks.  Basic Principles of The Importance of “The In Crowd-Your Inner Circle” “Connecting –  Building A Foundation – Relationships courses (1) “Course Plotting – Learning from the Best”

(2) “Intentional Course”

(3) “The in Crowd”

(4)  “First Things First”

(5) “Growing by Leaps and Bounds”

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